LeanMed is a medical device company dedicated to bringing essential treatment to remote, underserved regions through innovative technologies.

LeanMed’s first product, the O2 CUBE, delivers vital supplemental oxygen to patients of rural health clinics in developing nations. With respiratory infections killing millions of patients each year, the O2 CUBE is a landmark step in improving care and saving lives.

Latest from Lean Med and the World of Oxygen

  • World Pneumonia Day
    World Pneumonia Day In these trying times, it is important to remember that COVID-19 is not the only devastating lower respiratory infection out there. Pneumonia is still a leading infectious cause of death, with over 2.5 million deaths every year. For this reason, even during this global pandemic, World Pneumonia Day will be held thisContinue reading “World Pneumonia Day”
  • Lean Med joins LifeX Labs
    LeanMed Joins LifeX Labs We of Lean Med are proud to announce our entrance into the portfolio of LifeX Labs! LifeX Labs is a science startup accelerator focused on providing early stage companies with the support, resources, and ecosystem they need to be successful. Founded in 2018, LifeX Labs is a Pittsburgh accelerator that hasContinue reading “Lean Med joins LifeX Labs”
  • COVID-19 and the Need for Medical Oxygen
    COVID-19 and the Need for Medical Oxygen Coverage of the COVID-19 response has highlighted the need for medical oxygen and the shortage of ventilators occurring across the world. While these shortages are important, what has gone overlooked is the impressive infrastructure of medical oxygen systems in developed countries. It is thanks to these systems thatContinue reading “COVID-19 and the Need for Medical Oxygen”
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