Fast Track

O₂ Cube Fast Track Program

a rapid response program to save lives


Pediatric pneumonia is the number one cause of child death in the world, with 800,000 deaths per year. 

Now the COVID-19 pandemic ravages all ages.

What is necessary for both diseases but is in short supply in the developing world? 

Medical Oxygen.


deaths per year


in developing nations


die outside hospital


The O2 Cube Fast Track project is LeanMed’s rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic utilizing an O₂ Cube prototype solution that uses FDA approved medical devices, provided by socially driven public companies who share in our mission to bring oxygen to patients in developing countries and save lives- faster.

Performed as a pilot program in Uganda, Nigeria, India and Senegal Fast Track expedites the process of providing medical oxygen to patients in rural health centers in developing countries where this resource is scare, and the mortalities from its inadequacy are high.


In short: save lives faster.

The aim of Fast Track is to assess the effectiveness of the O2 cube system in providing continuous access to oxygen during referral from health centers and determine the impact that introduction of oxygen has on reducing hypoxemia in children under five. 

you can become a partner in the fight for O2

Join LeanMed and several other organizations and individuals who recognize the need for greater access to this essential resource.

O2 Cube Fast Track


LeanMed is currently working with HealthPort of Nigeria.

The hospital will receive the following key components:

A. Goal Zero Yeti 3000x

B. Philips EverFlo Oxygen Conentrator

C. Philips UltraFill Filling Station

D. Masimo Rad-G Pulse Oximeter

E. Cylinders


rapid deployment plan

  • month 1

    Procure equipment
    Identify pilot sites

  • month 2

    Design Study
    Obtain Regulatory Approvals
  • month 3

    Install and Train on Pulse Oximetry
    Establish Hypoxemia Baseline

  • month 5

    Install & Train on Oxygen System

  • month 9

    Data Collection & Field Support

  • month 10

    Project Evaluation
    Publish Preliminary Report

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