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Learn more about the students, engineers, doctors, directors and more who transform the LeanMed mission into a reality.

Mark Adkins

Chief Executive Officer

As the Chief Executive Officer of Lean Med, Mark brings extensive experience to the team. Mark has three decades of product development experience and as a director of product development at two different Fortune 500 companies, Mark has been responsible for dozens of multi-million-dollar development programs that have launched new products with lifetime sales of over $1B. As a consultant, Mark has provided extensive product development expertise to one of the world’s largest medical device companies.

Jessica Starck

Program Manager

Jessica is an Industrial Engineer earning her bachelors from the University of Missouri and masters from the University of Pittsburgh. With prior industry experience in manufacturing, logistics, and process improvements, she is now focused on product development and project management with a passion for medical device innovation and sustainability. As project manager for LeanMed, her experience will lead the O2 cube program to successful implementation.

Michael Gaussa

O2 Cube Product Manager

Mike is an Electrical Engineer at Philips earning his bachelor’s from the University of Dayton and is currently working on an MBA at the University of Pittsburgh. He has over 5 years of experience developing medical devices and pharmaceutical robotics. As the product manager, his experiences will contribute to the successful future of the O2 Cube.

Zexi Liu

Systems Engineer

Zexi Liu is a Ph.D. student and the NSF graduate research fellow at Carnegie Mellon University. Previously he had 4 years of DRAM ATE test engineering experience at Micron Technology and spearheaded the backend test and equipment development for the first generation DDR5 products. Currently, his research focuses on brain computer interface, neurostimulation, and hardware security. At LeanMed, he provides electrical engineering and system integration solutions for the O2Cube product.

Alyson Maguire

Marketing Lead

Alyson is a senior digital marketing and analytics student at Duquesne University. She has managed a consumer trends blog and a team of students for 2+ years where she has gained experience in web and graphic design, market research, analytics, branding and writing. She also is a marketing intern with Arkadium. At LeanMed, Alyson ensures the mission is well messaged across various platforms and materials. She has redesigned the website, created multimedia promotional materials, and managed press releases. In this role, she applies her experience in branding and marketing to the medical device industry.

Dr. Kılıçhan Gürleyik

Engineering Advisor

Dr. Kılıçhan Gürleyik is currently the Education Director at the Center for Medical Innovation as well as an assistant professor of Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh. His specialities include: Science Education, Mathematical Modeling, Embedded Software, Medical Device/Product Design and Development, Systems Design and Engineering incorporating Mixed-Technology, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Signal and Image Processing, Electronic Systems & Devices, Imaging Science & Technology, and Biomedical.

advisory board

Sharon Baer

Portfolio Marketing Leader at Philips

Jeremy Kimmel

VP of New Technology at ALung Technologies Inc.

Michele Migliuolo

Managing Director of Angel Bridge Partners, Commercialization Expert at LifeX Labs

Greg Coticchia

President of Sopheon Corporation

James Newton

Pediatric Resident (July ’22)

Michael Nilo

President of Nilo Medical Consulting

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