James Newton

Chief Innovation Officer

As Chief Innovation Officer, James specializes in recognizing user need and designing innovative ways to address that need. With a background in biomedical engineering and as an MD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine, he has a unique perspective into the interface of health and technology. His local research on supplemental oxygen in Malawi provides him with important perspective into the design of a successful O2 Cube program.

Mark Adkins

Chief Executive Officer

As the Chief Executive Officer of Lean Med, Mark brings extensive experience to the team. Mark has three decades of product development experience and as a director of product development at two different Fortune 500 companies, Mark has been responsible for dozens of multi-million-dollar development programs that have launched new products with lifetime sales of over $1B. As a consultant, Mark has provided extensive product development expertise to one of the world’s largest medical device companies.


Steven Donahoe

Chief Operations Officer

Steven is a biomedical engineer with a graduate degree focused on Medical Product Engineering. As Chief Operating Officer, Steven carries out day to day operations. It is in this capacity that he has successfully planned and implemented a pulse oximetry program throughout the Balaka health district of Malawi. Additionally, Steven maintains responsibilities in technical and engineering aspects of Lean Med’s product development. In this role, he has optimized the O2 Cube’s power system for cost-efficiency in rural areas.

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