O2 Cube

O2 Cube

Solar powered, medical oxygen production system for rural health centers in need

We estimate that 80% of deaths related to pulmonary failure occurred before patients received medical oxygen

a dire, unmet need for O2

Acute respiratory infections, mainly pneumonia, are the leading cause of death in children worldwide.

A critical part of treatment for these infections involves being on oxygen.

Medical oxygen is costly to produce and deliver, and as such is difficult to get in developing nations, where it is needed most.

how do we reach patients before it’s too late?


robust design


O2 Cube

our goal is to
provide patients
earlier access to O2

Our O2 cube is designed to overcome the challenges facing oxygen delivery.

The cube’s compact design and large filling capacity make it extremely cost efficient and long lasting.

The cube’s durable battery is powered by solar energy, making it more accessible to these 40,000 rural health centers that lack grid electricity.

how the O2 cube is different

The O2 cube recharges via solar energy, putting less of a strain on limited resources.

Environmentally Durable
The O2 cube is durable enough to withstand harsher environmental factors, like dust.

Cost Effective
The O2 cube produces oxygen cheaply and sustainably, with a smaller up front investment.

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