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Established in 2018, LeanMed is a LLC registered in Pennsylvania & headquartered in Pittsburgh.

Adopting a social mission at its core, we aim to bring essential treatments to low-resource environments through innovative technologies.

The inspiration came from James Newton [advisory board member] as a first year medical student at the University of Pittsburgh.

With an interest in global health innovation, numerous conversations with global health experts led him to recognize the shared complaint of inadequate supplemental O2 availability in low resource areas.

Research into the topic further validated the need for O2, while creating a solution seemed achievable.

our mission

a dire, unmet need for medical oxygen in developing nations

Our beginnings with pediatric pneumonia provide just one shocking set of statistics:

  • 800,000 children die every year from pneumonia
  • It is the #1 killer of children every year
  • 99% of those deaths occur in the developing world
  • 80% of those death occur outside a hospital

There are 40,000 rural health centers (RHC’s) in the world that lack grid electricity and yet have enough sunshine to make solar energy economically viable. These 40,000 RHC’s serve an average of 30,000 people – adults, mothers, children, infants.

Today there exists in the developed world the medical technology and know-how to save lives and improve the quality of life for its citizens. Unfortunately this capability is largely absent from RHCs in the developing world.

our vision is to provide life-saving medical oxygen to developing nations

Our vision is to bring world standard healthcare to these 1.2 billion people by building out the Rural Health Center of the Future

It is LeanMed’s mission that through innovation and the support of socially focused medical product organizations in the developed world we can bring this capability to the RHCs located in the developing world. 

LeanMed is taking medical products that are used in U.S./EU homes, over-the-counter devices or discontinued product lines to innovate and re-purpose them for life in the RHC’s. 

The three secular trends of solar energy, recycling/refurbishing and wireless communications provides us the levers to innovate and deliver life-saving solutions in an economically viable manner.

our robust, solar-powered o2 cube solution can bring life to rural areas

The O2 Cube is the first example of us executing on our mission. A solar powered micro oxygen production that has just been recognized by the WHO as a 2021 Innovative Health Technology for Low Resource Settings it uses solar energy to power refurbished oxygen concentrators and compressors that bring medical oxygen to the RHC’s for earlier patient intervention.

In addition, the small oxygen cylinders filled by the O2 Cube provide oxygen to the patient while in transit to the referring hospital thus saving countless lives.

our progress


Winner of the 2018 Blast Furnace Competition: Blast Furnace is the University of Pittsburgh’s student accelerator that provides emerging entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to form a corporation and grow and develop their business.

O2 Cube Functional Prototype: With the Blast Furnace funding, we 1) procured the materials to build a functional O2 Cube prototype 2) legally established the company 3) retained an industrial design firm for concept development and 4) retained a marketing firm to develop our brand image.


Idea Foundry Funding: Idea Foundry invests in and works alongside entrepreneurs to transform innovative business ideas into viable commercial activities, facilitates business growth, and leverages global programs to attract talent, capital, and business to the Pittsburgh area.

Malawi Pulse Oximetry Project: With the Idea Foundry funding, we launched a project to collect pulse oximetry data from the Balaka District in Malawi while building relations with their healthcare system. 

Learn more about our research project in Balaka, Malawi


3rd Place in the University of Duquesne New Venture Competition (DNVC): Finished 3rd place out of 70 applicants. The DNVC is a platform for entrepreneurship education to help them develop and execute their business models.

Duquesne Student Project: A team of biomedical students at Duquesne built an improved O2 Cube prototype as an independent study project that provided them hands on design, build, and test experience.

UnitaidExplore: We have an active application with Unitaid (part of the World Health Organization) for their call: Innovations to Increase Access to Oxygen Therapy. It is focused on pediatric pneumonia, recognizing it as a deadly killer of children. We have successfully moved onto the final round of the challenge.


LifeX Labs Acceptance: LeanMed is accepted into the prestigious life sciences incubator program. Our O2 cube prototype will be housed in their Lawrenceville labs while a demonstration unit of our Fast Track O2 cube will be on display in their South Side location.

World Health Organization o2 Cube Recognition: LeanMed’s o2 Cube, a solar powered micro oxygen production, was recognized by the WHO as a 2021 Innovative Health Technology for Low Resource Settings. This product uses solar energy to power refurbished oxygen concentrators and compressors that bring medical oxygen to the RHC’s for earlier patient intervention

Philips Respironics UltraFill Licensing Agreement: LeanMed secures a global non-exclusive licensing agreement with Philips, a global health technology leader, that will enable LeanMed to bring their solar powered oxygen production system, the O₂ Cube, to 40,000 rural health centers utilizing the Philips UltraFill oxygen filling station. 

Learn more about the organizations who share in our mission for oxygen and have contributed to our growth over the years

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