O2 Cube Progression

New Vision, Same Mission

Over the last 5 years, the LeanMed team has worked hard to engineer and develop an O2 Cube that could impact thousands of lives.  Through customer discovery, market analysis, and in-country partnerships, we have now reached our first commercial product, the 10 LPM O2 Cube. 

While the vision for what the O2 Cube will look like may have evolved, the mission has always been the same – To engineer a product that can produce medical oxygen without the reliance on grid-electricity and to enable rural and under-served populations the opportunity to improve oxygen treatment and save lives.

The pictures above journey through the different prototypes of the O2 Cube with the final being our fully assembled and functioning 10 LPM. I’d like to give a huge shoutout to Daedalus Inc, the engineering design firm in Pittsburgh we have partnered with over the last many months to finalize this build.

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