Our Team Behind the Mission

Our Team Behind the Mission

Since our inception in 2018, LeanMed has accomplished so much – from receiving recognition by the WHO and securing a licensing agreement with a major corporation as Philips, to initiating our first O2 Cube program in Nigeria to deliver life-saving oxygen to real patients – and we’re just getting started. These real milestones have been reached only by the passion, motivation, and experience of our team.

LeanMed’s mission is brought to fruition by a team of engineers, medical product development leaders, marketing experts, and graduate students who bring to the table a wide range of expertise from previous experience in their respective fields and a common goal of saving lives through innovative medical technology.

In 2021 alone, our engineering and product development teams led us to become finalists in the University of Pittsburgh’s Pitt Innovation Challenge, where we were awarded $50,000 for our O2 Cube product.

Our marketing team developed and initiated our first WeFunder crowdfunding campaign. To date, we have raised just shy of $58,000 from real investors who believe in our team and our mission. This funding will contribute to the manufacturing and launch of our first commercial O2 Cube product.

Our highly experienced engineering team at the University of Pittsburgh began working on a prototype of this commercial O2 Cube which will provide a higher flow rate and data collection features.

Just as vital to our team on the ground, is our experienced advisory board comprised of experts in the field of medical technology. The guidance and expertise of these professionals has allowed us to successfully overcome challenges and set attainable yet ambitious goals.

These members boast titles such as medical product consultant, commercialization expert, vice president of medical technology, medical marketing leader, and doctor. LeanMed is grateful for their experience and knowledge, which continues to guide our decisions everyday.

We have just begun to live out our mission of bringing life-saving oxygen to patients in underdeveloped countries through innovative medical technology. Our team is as motivated as ever to achieve our 2022 goals.

This year, our goal is to raise an additional $100,000 to fund the engineering, build, and launch of the first commercial O2 Cube later this year. This milestone will enable us to provide a more reliable, high flow and smart O2 Cube to save countless lives. 

Become part of the solution and support LeanMed’s life-saving mission and help us reach patients across the globe with our O2 Cube solution.

Learn more about each member of our immediate team as well as the advisory board whose knowledge and expertise in their field guide us to success.

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