Press Release: Goal Zero and LeanMed Collaborate to Bring Oxygen to Nigeria

Press Release: Goal Zero and LeanMed Collaborate to Bring Oxygen to Nigeria

| Pittsburgh, PA – Today, Goal Zero announced the donation of the Yeti 3000X portable solar energy system to LeanMed for their Fast-Track Program, a rapid response program that will provide medical oxygen to rural health centers in Nigeria. This program is the first step in their goal of bringing medical oxygen to the 40,000 rural health centers around the world that lack grid electricity. LeanMed’s O₂ Cube oxygen production system, powered by the Yeti 3000X, will serve 1.2 billion people in these health centers. Goal Zero and LeanMed have found common ground in their mission to improve the lives of people in developing nations.

“Empowering human potential is a key pillar of the Goal Zero brand. We’re proud to support LeanMed in their mission to bring life-saving medical oxygen to those in rural communities by powering their technology with our portable solar-powered energy system,” said Bill Harmon, General Manager of Goal Zero.

“The Goal Zero donation of the Yeti 3000X portable solar energy system is a key element in our program to rapidly provide medical oxygen to people in Nigeria fighting the double burden of pediatric pneumonia and COVID-19”, stated Mark Adkins, CEO of LeanMed.

In order to support this mission, LeanMed is launching a crowdfunding campaign this fall with the goal of reaching $500,000 and extending their oxygen delivery system to other needed areas on the continent.

About the Goal Zero

Goal Zero is the industry leader in smart, portable power. From emergency outages to camping to off-grid projects and events, our solar panels, power stations and accessories give you the power to keep your gear charged through any situation. We were born out of the desire to empower people everywhere, and as an NRG company we’re working to change the way people think about and use power by pioneering the development of smarter energy choices. Power. Anything. Anywhere. For more information, visit

About LeanMed LLC

LeanMed is a medical device company dedicated to bringing essential treatment to underserved regions through innovative technologies. LeanMed’s first product, the O₂ Cube, delivers vital medical oxygen to the 1.2 billion patients of rural health clinics that lack grid electricity. With respiratory infections killing millions of patients each year, the O₂ Cube is a landmark step in improving care and saving lives. Visit us at

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